Gutter Cleaning Systems

  • Tucker Aluminum Gutter Pole

    Tucker Aluminum Gutter Pole

    Tucker Aluminum Gutter Pole Cleaning KitThis is a complete Tucker® aluminum gutter pole set.  Made from lightweight aluminum sections.  Utilizes the Tucker® aluminum clamps.  Comprised of (3) 2 piece extensions, this has a total...
  • Tucker Carbon Fiber Gutter Pole Kit

    Tucker Carbon Fiber Gutter Pole Kit

    Tucker Carbon Fiber 20 ft. Gutter Pole KitThe Tucker carbon fiber gutter pole kit is made from the same high quality 3K carbon fiber material as the Tucker poles.  The carbon fiber carries a 2 year warranty and the lightweight clamps. Comprised of...
  • Gutter Pro Vacuum 3.0

    Gutter Pro Vacuum 3.0

    Tucker Gutter Pro Vac 3.0The Gutter-Pro Gutter Vacuum V3.0 is new and improved for 2022. This new Gutter-Pro Vac from Tucker® is a versatile and powerful gutter cleaning unit.  It is powered by three separately switched 800-watt motors. Each of...
  • Gutter Pro Vacuum Hose

    Gutter Pro Vacuum Hose

    Tucker Gutter-Pro Vacuum Hose.  2" x 25 ft. with cuffs  Use this as an additional extension or a replacement.  Heavy duty and very durable.
  • Gutter Pole Aluminum Gooseneck

    Gutter Pole Aluminum Gooseneck

    Tucker Replacement Gutter Pole GooseneckThis is the replacement head assembly for the gutter pro vacuum from RHG / Tucker®.  2" Interior Diameter for exceptional air flow.  Simply slide the clamp over the end of the aluminum gutter poles...
  • Tucker Vac Hose Cuff

    Tucker Vac Hose Cuff

    Vacuum hose cuff for 2" Vac HoseReverse threads onto your 2" vac hose.  Fits into the end of the RHG Gutter Pole Systems.
  • HydroTek Vac & Transfer System

    HydroTek Vac & Transfer System

    Portable Water Vacuum & Transfer SystemCapture and transfer up to 3000 gallons of water per hour with Hydro Vacuum® water & flood recovery vacuum systems.  They feature a powerful, industrial 2-stage vacuum motor, and a heavy duty...
  • Sirocco PEV2/30 Reclaim System

    Sirocco PEV2/30 Reclaim System

    PEV2/30 Water Reclaim System PEV2/30 Portable Electric Vacuum SystemThe Sirocco™ PEV series vacuums are the most affordable, effective, multi-function vacuum systems on the market. Great for carpet cleaners, auto detailers, fleet washers,...
  • HydroTek Vacuum Hose

    HydroTek Vacuum Hose

    Heavy Duty Ribbed Vacuum Hose Grey / Black Vacuum Hose Ribbed Used on all Hydro Tek Built Vacuum based recovery Systems.  Available in 2" size in 25 ft. and 50 ft. lengths.  Custom Lengths available. 
  • Sirocco Vacuum Hose

    Sirocco Vacuum Hose

    Vacuum Hose with Cuffs Vacuum Hose This beefy, crush resistant hose comes in 1.5 or 2 diameter and is abrasion, chemical & heat resistant. Remember, its easier to add hose than move the truck!  Available in 25', 50' & 100' lengths.  ...