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    Glass Gleam 3

    Glass Gleam 3

    Glass Gleam 3 Glass Gleam-3 Glass Cleaner Super Concentrate uses a state-of-the art formulation, designed specifically for professional window cleaners. Mix just 1/10th of an ounce per gallon of water. Tests with the leading window cleaning companies...
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    Glass Gleam 4

    Glass Gleam 4

    Glass Gleam 4 Glass Gleam-4 Window Cleaning Concentrate is ideal for cleaning windows with a squeegee. Use just 1/4 fl. Oz. per gallon of water. Contains polymeric water softeners for hard water areas. Improved degreasers and...
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  • Squeegee Window Cleaning Solution

    Squeegee Window Cleaning Solution

    Gen Labs Squeegee Window Cleaning Solution This remarkably concentrated window cleaner is easy to use. For use with a brush and squeegee. Simply place one capful into a bucket of water and this special mixture will lubricate your squeegee and windows to...
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  • Winsol APC 120 (Gallon)

    Winsol APC 120 (Gallon)

    APC 120 by Winsol Ideal for Windows, Mirrors and Glass APC-120 Window Cleaning Concentrate is a very concentrated, biodegradable anionic detergent system that releases its power in water. When used to remove oils, greases and grime, APC-120 emulsifies...
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  • Winsol APC 100 (Gallon)

    Winsol APC 100 (Gallon)

    APC 100 by Winsol APC-100 Window Cleaner Concentrate: Built to provide superior cleaning. Contains state of the art wetting agents, emulsifiers and detergents that are needed to penetrate and lift out grime from the window surface. Biodegradable. 1...
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  • Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Solution

    Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Solution

    Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Pro Window Cleaning Concentrate Squeeze Deluxe is a detergent for washing windows, specially developed for the professional window washer. A unique cap and composition with a pleasant...
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  • Fields Construction Scale Remover (Gallon)

    Fields Construction Scale Remover (Gallon)

    Fields Costruction Scale Remover  As seen in Dan Fields DVD's A window cleaning solution to loosen and remove scale, deposits, cement, stucco, plaster, and mortar from exterior windows. Dissolves efflorescence and mineral deposits from stucco...
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  • Fields Construction Window Cleaner (Gallon)

    Fields Construction Window Cleaner (Gallon)

    Fields Costruction Window Cleaning Concentrate Gallon A high performance window cleaning concentrate for all types of window cleaning.  Squeegee glides more easily as  a result of less drag and leaves no haze or streaks.  An excellent...
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  • Titan Green Multipurpose Cleaner

    Titan Green Multipurpose Cleaner

    Titan GreenCleaner and Degreaser(Cleans Everything Washable)The High-Tech Cleaner of the Space Age USDA Approved - Biodegradable Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner   Great for removing jet fuel from windows at airports. Available in Quarts,...
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