Glide Lubricants

  • Sorbo Glide Additive

    Sorbo Glide Additive

    Sorbo Glide Number one friction reducer. A Must have as an additive to your current cleaning solution. Just a capfull to your cleaning solution will add a sheen to the windows that customers love. Reduces scratching and increases speed. Adds life to...
  • Winsol Super Slip

    Winsol Super Slip

    Super Slip by Winsol A concentrated window cleaning additive that will slow evaportation and improve squeegee glide. The most advanced friction minimalization technology increase the slip and glide of commercial squeegee rubber blades. Prolongs rubber...
  • Glass Gleam Glide

    Glass Gleam Glide

    Titan Labs Glass Gleam Glide AdditiveGlass Gleam-Glide is a professional glide additive that puts an end to hard water drag issues. Glass Gleam-Glide is easy to use, just add to your bucket. The recommended ratio is 1/10th of an ounce per...