Waterfed Pole Accessories

  • Tucker 20" Top Short Pole

    Tucker 20" Top Short Pole

    Tucker 20-Inch Short Pole  This short pole fits into the top section of the Tucker carbon fiber euro angled design poles only.  With this short pole you can use this as a hand held option for cleaning windows at ground level. Equipped with a...
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  • Unger HiFlo nLite Locking Cone Adapter

    Unger HiFlo nLite Locking Cone Adapter

    HiFlo nLite Locking Cone AdapterPlastic adapter with ErgoTec locking cone for attaching classic tools to nlite poles. Inserts into your nLite Master Pole and secures with the yellow clamp. Quick and easy change via release button. Easily connect your...
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  • Unger nLite HiFlo Gooseneck

    Unger nLite HiFlo Gooseneck

    nLite HiFlo MultiLink GooseneckCarbon Fiber construction. Achieve any working angle. Keeps weight to a minimum.  Includes nLite thread adapter. Available in 8" and 12" sizes. Assembly:  Loosen the clamp at the top section of the pole. ...
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  • 3K Carbon Fiber Gooseneck

    3K Carbon Fiber Gooseneck

    Pure Water Power 3K Full Carbon Fiber Fixed GooseneckHigh quality 3K carbon fiber gooseneck.  Will fit all Pure Water Power waterfed Poles.  To use this gooseneck simply remove the 2 ft. top section short pole and insert this gooseneck into...
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  • Viper Acme Thread WFP Tip

    Viper Acme Thread WFP Tip

    Viper Acme 3/4" Threaded End Aluminum Waterfed Pole TipYou can insert this tip into all Pure Waqter Power Waterfed poles to give you an option to attach any regular threaded tool or screw on a tapered tip for snug fit tools and turn your Viper Pole into...
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