Shooter Tips

  • Brass QC Plug FPT

    Brass QC Plug FPT

    Brass QC Plug fpt Brass QC Plug fpt.  Available in 1/4 Inch and 3/8 inch sizes.  
  • Davis Shooter Tips

    Davis Shooter Tips

    Davis Softwash Shooter Tips Davis shooter tips are a great tool to have when you need to reach hard to reach areas when washing a home. They have drastically less atomization than other shooter tips on the market, which in...
  • JROD Nozzle Holder

    JROD Nozzle Holder

    JROD 1/4 meg 4 Nozzle Holder No more wet pockets or lost nozzles! This handy tool will hold 4 1/4"MPT nozzles. Simply quick connect the JROD to your single lance. Insert the plug you wish to use. Nozzles sold separately...
  • m5ds Twist Softwash Nozzle

    m5ds Twist Softwash Nozzle

    m5ds Twist Downstream Soft Wash NozzleThe M5DS Twist adjustable downstream soft wash nozzle will help apply soap and rinse up to 4 stories high when used in conjunction with your pressure washers soap injector.  When ready to rinse simply...